I’ve been creative since I was a toddler. My sisters tell me that I used to make up elaborate stories with my dolls and stuffed animals. I would spend hours playing with them and if they tried to make a change to what I was doing I set them straight, lol! I knew the story from beginning to end and didn’t want them to mess it up.

I also spent hours doing arts and crafts projects with my mom. I did a ton of drawing, helped make candles at Christmas, painted rocks, learned flower arranging, and lots more. I always felt alive when I was doing something artsy or craftsy.

As an adult, without creativity I feel like I’m dying or trapped in prison. It’s my belief that everyone wants and needs to be creative. There are many different ways to be creative. The first thing most people think about is arts and crafts, but you can use your creativity in many, many different ways. However, for most people their creativity is boxed in by protocol. Now don’t get me wrong protocol is very important, especially in many fields. But our soul cries for us to be purely creative. So, if we can’t be creative in our work, how can we bring creativity into our lives?

For me the answer is arts and crafts. When I take time to create something new I feel a sense of expansion, a sense of power, and a deep sense of being connected to a higher source.

Throughout my life I’ve explored many aspects of the arts. From ballet and tap lessons as a kid, to knitting my first sweater, to designing and sewing my own wedding dress, to finishing a degree in music performance, I’ve been exploring and creating.

I decided to start this site for several reasons. First, because I was trying to figure out what I am most passionate about, so I challenged myself with the question “If I could only do one thing (of my creative endeavors) what would I choose?” Well, I thought about it for several weeks and I realized I couldn’t give up any of them. Each of them is such an integral part of who I am, that I couldn’t imagine just being able to only enjoy one.

Secondly, as I looked around at the people I come into contact with on a daily basis, I saw a lot of unhappiness and stress. There have been many studies showing that doing creative activities reduces stress and releases “happy” hormones. I wanted to reach out and show others that making the time for a little creativity in their life, makes life fuller, happier, and less stressful. I’m hoping to inspire wannabe creators to take the leap and find something they enjoy doing, just for the sheer joy of it.

One of the things I am missing where I live is a lively arts community. Even though I live outside two larger cities, the availability of an arts community is somewhat lacking. This is especially true for those of us that are not professionals, who create for the sheer joy of creating. I realized that many, many creative people live in out of the way places, that don’t even have the arts available that I have and certainly no lively community. So, I’m also hoping to draw in creatives from all levels of experience, from the total newbie to the professional with decades of experience. This way we can support and encourage each other, and share our wealth of knowledge in order for all of us to grow in our creative expression.

I’m fairly proficient at the arts and crafts I enjoy, but I was a beginner too, and not too long ago, for some of my interests like crochet. (Just look at the pictures of my amoeba washcloth in the Gallery, lol.) Creating is always fun and just diving in can be an amazing way to explore, but sometimes you need help moving to the next level. To this end I want to share and teach others how to create in the areas I love the most, and help others to find outlets to learn more about areas I am not proficient in, by networking with those who are.

I want to share truthfully about my projects and not make everything look so easy a three year old could do it, because, just like anything else, you get better with practice and it is OK to create a few amoebas along the way. I’ll share the joys, frustrations, discoveries, and pitfalls of all my projects (Like quilting an entire lining piece with the wrong side up, because the fabric looked the same on both sides).

I’m sure this site will grow and develop as I grow and develop my abilities to share my passions with you. Please sign up for the newsletters so that you’ll be able to follow my journey as you create your own. Also, please, please, please share your thoughts and ideas on the blogs and projects shared. That way we can all help each other move on to greater and greater creativity.

I want us to laugh and cry together, support and encourage, and just plain have some fun. Come join the adventure!